Activities and Approaches

Efforts Aimed at Improving Liberal Arts and Sciences

University education must endeavor to provide a knowledge-base that is both broad and specialized.
The Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences integrates planning, implementation and evaluation of liberal arts and sciences programs with the Committee for Planning and Evaluation overseeing the process. The Institute coordinates close cooperation among various faculties for continued discussions on the quality of education.

Kyoto University Education Symposium

As one of the faculty development activities at Kyoto University, the "Kyoto University Education Symposium" is held annually. University faculty and staff members, from the President down, including over 200 people from various disciplines participate every year to discuss and exchange opinions on contemporary educational issues. This symposium provides an opportunity to nurture common understanding for and contribute to the improvement and enhancement of future post-secondary education. Themes of symposiums held since 2003 are as below.

FY2003 How to Deal with the Minimum Educational Requirement at Kyoto University
FY2004 How to Develop the Guaranteed Quality of Education at Kyoto University
–Improvement of Education and Evaluation Perspectives–
FY2005 Quality Improvement and Self-inspection / Evaluation of Undergraduate Education and Postgraduate Education
FY2006 What is Responsible Education System
–Examine the Future Visions of Education at Kyoto University–
FY2007 Examine the Future Visions of Education at Kyoto University
–Considered in Preparation for Establishing the Medium-term Goal for the Second Period for Issues concerning Undergraduate / Postgraduate Education–
FY2008 Considerations on the Present Situation and Future of Developments at Kyoto University
–Heading Toward the Second Stage–
FY2009 Reconsider the Education of College Program
–Toward the Realization of the Second Period Medium-term Goal and Medium-term Plan–
FY2010 Education issues faced by Kyoto University
–At the Start of the Secondary Mid-term Objectives/Mid-term Plan–
FY2011 Considering the Present and Future of Education at Kyoto University
FY2012 Future of General Education and the Liberal Arts
FY2013 Establishment of the Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences and its Liberal Arts and Sciences and General Education Programs

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