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Website Policy

This website is administered by the Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences, Kyoto University.
If you have any questions about this site, please contact us on +81-(0)75-753-6508.

About linking

Please note that contents and URLs on this site are subject to change without prior notice.
We may decline linking to certain sites if their contents and linking methods are not dependable.
The Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences shall not assume any responsibility for any problem that may occur as a direct or indirect result of using the contents on this site.
As long as users abide by these principles, links to this site can be freely established.

Privacy Policy

The web site of the Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences is administered under the Kyoto University Privacy Policy.
The full policy is available at the address below.

Privacy Policy of Kyoto University

We contract the Google Analytics Services for tracking users’ browsing activities in order to improve our website and to better manage the organization. The first party cookie is used to collect traffic data for this purpose. For more on the handling of privacy data by Google Analytics, please visit their site and read the privacy policy directly.