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The Institute actively provides information on education in liberal arts and sciences.
Through this website, we offer real-time information, and welcome "Inquiries and Suggestions" regarding our "Liberal Arts and Sciences Program" from students and faculty members. "Inquiries and Suggestions" Also, we publish magazines and bulletins about the program to facilitate communication among students and instructors.

Booklet of the Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences Bulletin

The New Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum

Arts and Sciences Newsletter

"General Education" (in Japanese only) is an information bulletin for the students and instructors participating in the liberal arts and sciences program.
From Vol.19, this bulletin changed its name to "Arts and Sciences Newsletter (in both Japanese and English)" to commemorate the one year anniversary of the founding of this Institute in 2013.
This magazine will help students get a feel for classroom activities and the aims of the instructors. You can also find some tips to help you get the most of your university classes. Why don’t you read it through and send your comments and suggestions regarding the bulletin to A30tusin@mail2.adm.
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