Pre-registration of Foreign Languages Q&A

Eligible year: 2nd year students and above (and those 1st year students who register it as a re-take class in the second semester)

Year posted here indicates your official academic year when the class is next in session. If you check this posting in March, your academic year after April will be applied.

To take English, German (except for Primary German (6H course)), French (except for Primary French (8H) course)), Chinese and Spanish courses, early application (pre-registrations and first-come, first-served basis application) is required on KULASIS. However, an early application for Spanish retake classes is accepted from Spanish Portal site and an early application for class designated Primary/Spoken Spanish I is accepted by Web conference system. For details, refer to the notice informed on KULASIS. Application period for Spoken Spanish (conversation) I is different from the language early registration period. Do not miss the notice.

The registration has not yet been finalized only with early application. You need to finalize your course during Class registration period and Class registration confirmation/revision period.

Regarding the courses which is mentioned “pre-registration” is required in answers (except for Spanish retake classes and class designated Primary/Spoken Spanish I), you can apply for the classes which have not reached the class capacity via KULASIS on a first-come, first-served basis.