ILAS Seminar

Welcome to the ILAS Seminar!

The ILAS Seminar is one of the Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses mainly for new undergraduate freshmen, taught in a small-group seminar format conducted by professors from various faculties, graduate schools, research institutes and centers.
It is an “Introduction to Kyoto University itself” course, so to speak, in which students experience the academic process of identifying problems and then solving them, different from just gaining knowledge through lectures.
Take ILAS Seminar and your first step toward learning at Kyoto University!

Ilas seminar 01
Ilas seminar 02

ILAS opens two courses, “ILAS Seminar (ILASセミナー)” and “ILAS Seminar-E2”. “ILAS Seminar-E2” is conducted as E2-class taught in English.

Each ILAS seminar has a subtitle and covers a wide variety of topics.
For further information, refer to the syllabus from the List of Offered ILAS Seminars.

How to Register

When you take “ILAS Seminar (ILASセミナー)” and “ILAS Seminar-E2”, you need an early application. Please don’t miss the opportunity to this application.
For details, refer to the website Early application for ILAS Seminars as follows.