Introduction of i-ARRC

In order to prepare our students for taking active roles in the global society, it is imperative to improve their English language skills dramatically. Thus, revamping and enhancing language education is the most pressing issue for i-ARRC staff.

The International Academic Research and Resource Center for Language Education (i-ARRC) was established within the Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences. The general mission of the center is to implement innovative language education programs by responding to the needs of language learners intent on engaging with global society.

The i-ARRC plans to implement an original practical program for developing English language skills.
This program will run separately from the English for academic purposes program in the existing general education curriculum, but will play a supplementary role to it. The program aims to effectively and reliably improve students’ practical English language skills by supporting their learning and tracking their achievements. To assist in implementing this program specialists (English education instructors) will advise students individually and support them to achieve their personal learning plan. To make this new educational program work, i-ARRC will create its own English learning tools. Also, it will run some general workshops and administer standardized tests.

The i-ARRC is also considering development of learning tools for First-time Learners of a Foreign Language. Along with English, Spanish learning tools are expected to be released on a trial basis from FY 2014.