Interdisciplinary Graduate Courses and Common Graduate Courses

In order to become an expert in certain field, you have been building up expertise in your major field of study as well as high intellectual skills in research, problem solving and logical thinking: However, there are practical knowledge and skills that needs to be learned before you actually start your own research. Also, those of you who will complete Master’s or Doctor’s degree in the near future have potential of becoming a leader who is active in academia, industrial world, and government and public offices. Learning from outside your major field will help you widely when you start looking at society with a broad view . From these aspects, “Common Graduate Courses” have been offered since 2018 divided into three different fields: Social Responsibility and Profitability, Computer Science and Information Technology, and Language and Communication.
Furthermore, “Interdisciplinary Graduate Courses” have revamped from the previous program. We grouped some courses from each faculty to provide a common foundation for all major fields of study.
We hope you add Common Graduate Courses and Interdisciplinary Graduate Courses into your study plan to expand your knowledge.


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