Studying Japanese on Your Own

Students who wish to study Japanese on their own or off campus, the Center offers “SAMIDORI,” an online Japanese Learning System as well as the Japanese Language Study Room.
For students who are unable to attend Japanese courses due to their schedules, or students who wish to pursue additional studies can borrow a variety of Japanese language materials (books, CDs, DVDs, etc.) from the Student Lounge “KI-ZU-NA”.
Other opportunities for off campus Japanese language study include: private Japanese language schools, Japanese classes offered by some cities and municipal wards and Japanese classes offered by volunteer associations.
For detailed information on these resources, please refer to the following.

Japanese Learning System “SAMIDORI” offered by the Education Center for Japanese Language and Culture.

You can freely access Japanese e-learning system “SAMIDORI”. It is not necessary to register or obtain an ID/password in order to use this system.

Access to “SAMIDORI” here

Japanese Language Study Room

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Japanese Language Study Room

The Education Center for Japanese Language and Culture of the ILAS KU offers the "Japanese Language Study Room" twice a week, which is open to students studying by themselves. It encourages them to deepen their understanding of what they are studying in their Japanese language classes.
A Japanese Language Teaching Assistant (TA) is available to answer questions and provide support to students regarding their Japanese learning. We hope you will join us in the study room.

Timetable and Place
Please refer to the KULASIS and posters
Japanese Language Study Room” putting on at Yoshida International House.

Student Lounge “KI-ZU-NA”・Japanese language materials

In the international student lounge “KIZUNA,” students can borrow Japanese learning materials, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Student Lounge “KI-ZU-NA”

Japanese classes offered by volunteer associations

Check the websites below for information on off-campus Japanese language classes.

Kyoto Prefectural International Center
Kyoto City International Foundation