Japanese language courses offered by the Education Center for Japanese Language and Culture

International students who have come to study in Kyoto and who are already in a Japanese-language environment probably have a reasonable knowledge of the Japanese language. At Kyoto University, we have many international students from a wide range of backgrounds. The degree to which a student requires Japanese language ability varies: there are cases in which English is sufficient as the primary language used in a department, while in other cases everyday Japanese is necessary, and in some academic fields a high level of Japanese proficiency is called for. There is also a broad range in terms of the level and length of students’ prior Japanese study—from those who are absolute beginners to those who have experienced living in Japan and can understand everyday conversation, to those undergraduates who have already studied for a considerable length of time in their home country.

According to our surveys, however, almost all of our international students—whether they be in the humanities/social sciences or science/engineering, in undergraduate or graduate programs, or whether they be regular degree-seeking or non-regular students are aware that Japanese language study is essential and aim to improve their own working knowledge of Japanese. However, the various limitations that arise from being in an environment where you cannot use your native language can at times make it difficult to convey your intentions or gain access to needed information, and this can easily lead to anxiety and stress. In order to ensure that you can concentrate on your studies and research activities while in school, it is vital that you first take an objective look at where your own strengths and weaknesses lie in terms of your Japanese language skills and then select the courses that will let you steadily improve.

The Education Center for Japanese Language and Culture of the Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS) of Kyoto University offers the following two types of Japanese language courses: (1) Japanese language courses in the Liberal Arts and Sciences curriculum, and (2) Japanese language support courses not included in the regular curriculum.

(1) Japanese language courses in the Liberal Arts and Sciences curriculum Five levels: Elementary I, Elementary II, Intermediate I, Intermediate II and Advanced levels
(2) Japanese language support courses not included in the regular curriculum Introduction to Japanese I/II, Intermediate Japanese Course I/II, Advanced Japanese Course, and Business Japanese

One academic year consists of two semesters. Courses are held for the first semester from April to August and for the second semester from October to February. Course registrations take place twice a year in March and September via ONLINE. Make sure to refer to the following links, ”Eligible courses by Student Status” and ”Timeline of the Registration Procedure” to proceed your registration. If you have any inquiries about the procedures, please inquire at International Student Division (ISD) Japanese Education Section (E-mail: A30kyomuj@mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp).

Eligible courses by Student Status Timeline of the Registration Procedure

Academic Calender

Registration procedure for Japanese language courses

Other Opportunities to Study Japanese

For students who are unable to attend Japanese language courses or who wish to pursue additional Japanese studies, we offer SAMIDORI, an online Japanese learning system. The Japanese Study Room is also available.