Introduction of Kyoto iUP Office

Japan's population of 18-year-olds, which gradually decreased after peaking at 2.49 million in 1966, is currently less than half of this, 1.2 million,and is expected to continue to decline in the future. So far, Kyoto University has gathered students with a high level of academic excellence from all over Japan, a situation we will continue to work towards maintaining, however, the decline in the number of possible students naturally affects quality.
Despite this situation, producing outstanding graduates who can lead the next generation of education and research at Kyoto University and play important roles in wider society remains central mission of Kyoto University.
In response, the university launched the Kyoto University International Undergraduate Program, or Kyoto iUP, so that we can actively receive not only Japanese students - our core target up to this point - but also high-achieving international students, the first generation of which we accepted in 2018.
The Kyoto iUP office, which consists of ILAS instructors and staff, is responsible for managing and administrating the implementation of Kyoto iUP, organizing curricula and student class selection, communicating between the various faculties involved, providing support for study and daily living, as well as running public relations and recruiting activities necessary to obtain exceptional students from prestigious foreign high schools.