Kyoto iUP Student Support Consortium

Kyoto iUP Student Support Consortium was established to provide financial support to Kyoto iUP students and develop human resources who will play important roles in future Japanese society inside and outside Japan. We established Kyoto iUP Student Support Fund and are raising donations to conduct the following activities: scholarships for iUP students, consortium members meeting with iUP students and university personnel, member company visit by iUP students, and internship program. We accept any donation over JPY500,000 and the standard donation amount is JPY1,000,000 per year. Donations of JPY7,500,000, which enable one iUP student to complete a six-month preparatory course and four years of undergraduate studies with no financial concerns, are utilized as sponsor-crowned scholarships bearing the names of donor companies or individuals.
If you are interested in this consortium, please contact the Kyoto iUP Admissions Office (TEL:075-753-5402, Email: We are glad to visit your company to explain additional details. Explanation by phone or email is also available.