Guidance for Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses

The Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS) provides a guidance for freshman students.
This guidance provides academic program, philosophy of education rooted in “academic freedom” in the university, purposes and goals of general education based on the spirit of self-teaching and self-mastery, and instructions on how to organize academic schedules by properly selecting courses from nearly 1,000 liberal arts and sciences courses, which is expected to inspire freshman students to start their learning in the university with high ambition.

In response to the spread of COVID-19, for this year, in-person guidance which had been initially scheduled was totally cancelled and video guidance via PandA (Kyoto University Learning Support Service) will be given instead.

Guidance for Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses website
PandA Log in page * Please access the page on or after April 2.
Students should access the above website whenever they are convenient and select and take “2020年度全学共通科目ガイダンス”
The website requires ECS-ID to log in.
The guidance website is open between April 2 to April 7.
The materials which were planned to distribute at the guidance venue will be also posted at the above website.
Guidance website access guide is here.
PandA users manual for students is here.

To prevent COVID-19 infection, students are strongly recommended to watch the guidance videos with their own devices. For those who are preparing internet access or do not have them, the video guidance will be provided in the place and at the time as the guidance were originally scheduled. * The video guidance of Student Support will be provided in the afternoon on each day.

Date/Time Place
From 9:30, April 2 4共(kyo) 30 classroom, 3rd floor,
Yoshida-South Campus building No.4
From 9:30, April 3
From 9:30, April 6 4共(kyo) 21 classroom, 2nd floor,
Yoshida-South Campus building No.4

* Campus map is here

The dates are not designated according to departments and divisions, however, entrance restrictions may be administered considering the number of seats of the venue. To avoid the crowd, students are recommended to log in PandA website and receive the online guidance as much as they can.

The guidance materials are posted on the guidance website. Only students who really need the printed materials should come and pick them up. The material distribution schedules are as follows.

Date/Time Place
April 2 to April 7
9:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 17:00, every weekday
Entrance lobby, ILAS building

* The printed materials for the guidance for student support will be handed out as well.