Class registration

In order to take classes of liberal arts and sciences courses, students must register for courses except for some intensive courses in each semester. You will not earn credits unless you have completed registration even if you attend classes and take examinations.

Liberal arts and sciences courses can be registered on KULASIS. Students should register for the courses during the announced registration period and confirm that the registration has been completed during the class registration confirmation and correction period. For more details, please refer to the handbook of Liberal Arts and General Education Courses and the web pages of "Class Registration Q&A" .

Considerable number of courses requires pre-registration or has a limited capacity. Please do not forget to follow the procedures.

The course registration instructions for the first semester will be posted on KULASIS and bulletin board of liberal arts and sciences in early April. Please check KULASIS regularly. The user guide can be downloaded on KULASIS when course registration webpage is open.

Classes will begin prior to the registration period. For class-designated course (クラス指定科目), students can only attend classes that are designated in advance.

Course registration schedule for first semester and full-year courses

Enrollment restricted course application
  • Pre-registration period 1 : April 1 (Mon) 8:00 – April 2 (Tue) 24:00
  • Pre-registration period 2 : April 3 (Wed) 19:00 – April 4 (Thu) 24:00
Schedule creation period April 2 (Tue) – April 16 (Tue)
Class registration period April 17 (Wed) – April 18 (Thu)
Class registration confirmation and correction period: April 23 (Tue) – April 24 (Wed)
Finalization of class registration April 26 (Fri)
Course withdrawal period May 27 (Mon) – May 28 (Tue)

Course registration for the second semester begins in October.