Class registration

You must complete registration procedures on KULASIS in both the first semester and second semester for all Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses, including class designated courses (excluding intensive lectures). You will not earn any credits for unregistered courses even if you attend classes and take exams.

All registration for Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses should be done on KULASIS. Register for courses on KULASIS during the designated registration periods, and confirm that registration has been completed during the class registration confirmation and correction period. For more details, refer to the "Handbook of Liberal Arts and General Education Courses" and the pages on "Class Registration Q&A" .

A large number of courses have pre-registration requirements and enrollment restrictions. You will not be able to take these courses if you fail to complete the required procedures.

Details on class registration for the first semester will be posted on KULASIS and the Liberal Arts and Sciences Bulletin Board in early April. Be sure to check KULASIS regularly. Instruction manuals can be downloaded from KULASIS during the period that the class registration page is open.

Prior to the class registration period, you should attend class designated courses assigned to you and other courses in areas of your own interest.

Registration schedule for first semester and full-year courses

Enrollment restricted course application April 1 (Mon) 8:00 –April 4 (Thu) 23:59
Schedule creation period April 2 (Tue) –April 14 (Sun)
Class registration period April 15 (Mon) –April 16 (Tue)
Class registration confirmation and correction period: April 19 (Fri) – April 22 (Mon)
Finalization of class registration April 24 (Wed)
Course withdrawal period June 3 (Mon) –June 4 (Tue)

You will register for second semester courses in October.