Japanese language courses for students in Japanese Language Preparatory Education Program for Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholarship (Auditing students of the Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences)


Japanese Language Preparatory Education Program is an intensive six-month program offered by the Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences' Education Center for Japanese Language and Culture to Monbukagakusho (MEXT) government-sponsored international students planning to carry out graduate-level research at national or municipal universities in the Keiji (Kyoto-Shiga) area. This program is only for students who have been admitted as “Japanese Language Preparatory Education Students” under the MEXT Scholarship.

Courses offered

Check the courses the students in this program can take from here .
Students in this program are eligible to register for Elementary I, Elementary II, Intermediate I, Intermediate II and Advanced Japanese courses. However, these students are not eligible to register for the 4H courses in the Elementary I, Elementary II, Intermediate I and Intermediate II levels.
The courses that a student attends are determined at the Japanese course guidance with the result of the placement test.

※The participants of the program cannot acquire any credits for their Japanese language courses, but they will receive a certificate for the courses they have taken.

※You can check the syllabus for each course here .


The schedule for registering Japanese language courses is as follows.

March 4 (Mon.) 9:00 Registration STEP1 opens
March 8 (Fri.) 17:00 Registration STEP1 closes
March 13 (Wed.) 9:00
~ March 15 (Fri.) 17:00
Online placement test
March 22 (Fri.)
Announcement of the placement test score (via Email)
April 4 (Thu.) 10:00 Japanese Course Guidance for the students in the MEXT Preparatory Education Program
April 5 (Fri.) Update of the registration status on KULASIS account
※ Students who feel uneasy about their assigned course level should consult one of the Japanese course coordinators by April 18 (Thu.).
April 8 (Mon.) Classes begin
April 26 (Fri.) Finalization of the course registration